Holy Sunsets!

Same time of day….different days.

This picture was taken by my daughter on her cell phone as we were driving home on the highway. The reds and oranges exploded in just a few short minutes. Doesn’t it look as if the sky is on fire? I love it! The little bit of red you see below the horizon is a reflection of the sky on a small body of water.

Just a few days later at about the same time, I encountered another amazing sky…

Who needs to live on the coast to enjoy such breathtaking views? Not I! I’m such a lucky ducky! The amazing thing about a sunset is how quickly it’s beauty escapes us! Blink and the colors change, look away and it’s gone for good. I appreciate all of the colors in a sunset. These pictures make excellent reference material for some great pastel paintings. I hope to paint them soon!


  1. If someone doesn’t have the time to enjoy a sunset, they have serious problems with their life. Thanks for sharing these lovely shots. 🙂

  2. Beautiful!

    And God makes new ones (many–though we usually only see the closest one) every evening. And sunrises too! How extravagant! I might have to get a cell phone with a camera. These are gorgeous. Our sunsets here in the mountains are brief, but often stunning. There’s nothing like a sunset on the plains, though. They last so long, and they’re so big!

    God bless,


  3. Lana: I agree! Thanks so much!

    Cindy: A sunset on the mountain sounds so wonderful! I can only imagine! Funny thing, I didn’t think I would need a camera on a phone, but it comes in so handy. 🙂 Thanks!

    Drowsey: I too am very surprised at the quality of a little phone camera! Technology! Thanks so much.

    JJ: Thank you! Thank you!!! You’re so kind 😀

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