Hummingbirds in November in Chicago???

No way…

Yes way!

Daily Herald photographer George LeClaire not only witnessed one, but took terrific photos! If you’re not excited yet, the one he witnessed was a rufous hummingbird! The rufous hummingbird is rarely spotted in this area, only visiting durring migration.

Click here to see George’s photos and read the article.

Thanks George for the heads up…you’re such a lucky ducky!
Chris 🙂


  1. So nice to see the Rufous Hummingbird again. I guess those colorful flowers enticed him to stay a bit longer. By Sept. our hummingbirds (Rufous and Calliope) have already left.

    Beautiful pictures of that amazing canyon in your previous post!

  2. Sandra: Thanks so much…btw…your site is such a treat! I have much fun reading your posts and looking at the photos, it’s such a treat!

    April: I love hummingbirds too bad I don’t see them that often! Too bad they have to leave also!

    Naturegirl: Yes me too! That poor little thing! 🙂 I just want to cup him in my hand and kiss his head!

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