Lake Katherine Wildlife

Lake Katherine is a quiet little nature oasis in the middle of Palos Heights, IL. It’s a nice get-a-way when you’re strapped for time, I just love it! Some features are: waterfall, lake, herb garden, butterfly garden, veggi garden, designated prairie area, trail around the lake, and a trail all along the Cal-Sag river. Wildlife loves it too! This is where I spotted the night heron that we painted last year.

Here are some pictures from the other day:

Not only is there wildlife, but the wildlife is quite comfortable around humans. They see them walking around everyday, so they don’t mind getting real close!

I mean realllly close!
Hello Mr. Nice Goose. Don’t mind me. I’m just hangin’ out, I do you no harm!

If you take the time to look carefully you will see some astonishing things. I always wonder that. There are many, many joggers and fast pace walkers….Do they slow down enough to notice the little things? I too was walking fast for the cardio aspect but soon became frustrated that I was missing out on incredible stuff!

You may not notice something incredible in this photo if you were running by. I’ll let you in on the secret…there is a sleeping swan to the right and to the left there are large eggs in a circular pattern. At first I thought it was the swan’s eggs, but when I returned a few days later I noticed a goose sitting on top of those eggs.

Here is a close up of those gorgeous eggs. It’s incredible how an animal can lay out it’s young right there in plain daylight and survive. Think about it, so many eggs are hidden from view; inside tree cavities, inside birdhouses, inside deeply constructed nests, a strategy to insure safety and success. These however are naked.
Amazing how nature works.


  1. What beautiful scenery! I’d love to see the herb and butterfly gardens, and I’m glad the goose came back to sit on those eggs.

  2. Dave: LOL! I know better than to reach my hand out to them! I’m not a crazy lady! Ha, Ha haaaa! I do wonder what they are thinking when they give me that crazy eye though!

    April: Me too!!! Mama goose is doing a great job 😀

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