Baby Robin LOVE

My son has a way with animals. They seem to come to him all the time. I however, do not have this same luck. His situation is really wonderful and strange at the same time. He even chose “St. Francis” as his Confirmation name!

Well today I was called outside to see the latest animal that came right up to him…..

A little fat baby robin! Not only did it hop up to my son, but it hopped up on to his finger! What the heck???

When I came outside I immediately heard two robins call in a panic from a maple tree. I assumed they were mommy and daddy robin. I instructed my son and his friends to quickly retreat from the baby and let the parents help poor little baby robin. In just a few seconds one adult robin flew down next to the baby and scolded the young one good! Then they both hopped away!

Here is a close up…

Ohhhhhh how can you not have love for little baby robin? Go home safe now with your parents!


  1. Judy: I’m salivating right now, thinking of how I can honor this little baby robin in a painting!!! I think one will happen before the end of this week! Thanks 🙂

    Dawn: Yes, thank you!

    Lana: I think so too! 😀 Thank you.

    Joan: I’m hoping this will spark a desire for him to work with wildlife some day! I’m crossing my fingers!
    Thank you!

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