Lunchtime Escape Sketch

If you’re like me, there is no time for anything. 
Sure there is time for a full time job (yuck), chores (yuck some more), and running to the bank, grocery store, gas station (yuck, yuck, yuck).
Tell me, what’s left?
Isn’t this our life? When do we get to live it?

Well, I say to myself, “Get tough and make your life happen.”

This is a quick 20 minute sketch I did during lunchtime. I am fortunate to work next to a retention pond where luscious cattails and trees are free to grow.
Yesterday we had about 1.5″ of rain. Today was 75°F at 1 O’clock when I did this sketch. It was warm, humid, and rain clouds threatened us all day. There was so much moisture in the air that the distant trees turned blue. I love when that happens.  That look is very easy to do with a wet on wet watercolor technique. Make sure to mix your sky color with just a tad of your tree color.

When you are out sketching take time to breath deeply. Not only does it provide oxygen to your brain enabling you to make wise painting decisions, but most importantly, it draws you closer to nature. Today I could smell the wet soil and grass sweating in the humid moist air. The atmosphere was thick. I breath it in. Slowly.

I hope you enjoyed this quick lunchtime sketch. Don’t try to find time for yourself because you’ll never find it . Make it happen.


  1. Judy: Thank you! It took a lot of practice to get down to 20 minutes! But everyone can get there eventualy. 🙂

    Joan: Thanks, I’m lucky to be able to eat next to my computer at work so I don’t starve myself!

    Barb: You’re right! Sometimes we just have to make ourselves do it!!! 😀 Thank you.

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