English Plantain Weed Sketch

OK, so my obsession is nature. When I find something I’m not familiar with I sketch it and then I diligently seek out information on it. I cannot rest until I learn. So when I found this (and I never think it is unique or rare, I just don’t know what it is…), I tried to find the answer myself.

Here is how I identify things I’m not familiar with:

  • type a detailed description in google images
  • find the closest one that resembles it
  • re-research that particular subject (name) to verify
  • look in all of my field books for that species
  • bingo
English Plantain watercolor sketch

This is a weed growing in my yard which I will not let my Son mow over. I’m pretty sure it is an English Plantain , a common weed. This morning there was a sweat bee exploring the head of one with the most petal shoots.

Everybody can learn in this fashion! It doesn’t take a 40K college bill to educate yourself (in America, we have to go bankrupt trying to get an education). If you see something and you want to learn about it…do a little free research. If you are determined enough…nothing can stop you. Find ways to make it happen. If you are passionate enough nothing is going to stop you!

english plantain watercolor close-up

So after not knowing what the heck this was, with a little free research I discovered it is an English Plantain weed, which is “alien” according to my Peterson Wildflower Guide, which means it is “Foreign, but successfully established in our area by man, or as an escape.”

Welcome my little alien, to my yard! Even though you are common now and many scientists already know who you are…I just discovered you today! I really like you too!

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