Storm Coming Sketch before Night

Storm Coming Nighttime Sketch - watercolor

After a warm day, evening enters bringing with it curious forms. Clouds gather allowing only slight peep holes for the setting sun. What do they intend? A brewing storm? I shall only be so lucky.

This was the scene in my backyard at 8pm under promising clouds with a balmy temperature of 75°F. Sketching clouds for another day, it always challenges me. They move so fast! Every part is in motion, turning and twisting in all different directions. Unfortunately, these clouds dissipated almost entirely before I retired inside. Maybe tomorrow.

Chicago is about to have its first real heat wave of the summer. This weekend we can expect the temperature to remain in the 90’s. Yuck! There is however one silver lining…high temps+moisture=unstable air=possible thunderstorms!

Bring on the storms!


  1. If it’s any consolation, with humidity we’ve been in the hundreds for a while now. <:\ Great little sketch, btw. I find clouds so difficult to render accurately! You make it look easy.

  2. Lana: Oh yuck, way too hot for me! You poor thing! Thanks on the clouds, funny, it was really dark in the back yard while I was sketching. Painting in the dark is a hit and miss kind of thing. When I went inside and looked at it in the light I thought, “oh no, I have mustard and ketchup in my clouds!” I’m glad nobody noticed 😀

    Cousley: I love your work!!! It’s wonderful to meet another artist. Keep up the great work.

    Joan: You lucky ducky! I love storms with all my being. I never felt that any one storm was a nuisance or inconvenience, keep them coming!

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