Parking Lot Tree Sketch

A sketch from a parking lot? What’s so wonderful about that?

Parking Lot Tree Sketch - Watercolor
Parking Lot Tree Sketch - Watercolor

Nothing. Unless you make it special.
What I loved about this tree is that it is crooked. I am crooked so much of the time, that I can identify with this poor tree. It will work itself out as it grows and gains experience, as we all do. No worries.

Here is what I was looking at:

To make it special, you need to eliminate the cars (if you want to, heck, I don’t know, maybe you love cars…then leave them in). Making it special means tailoring the sketch to your own specifications.

I loved the rainy clouds behind the tree and the tree’s crooked features. That’s the story I want to tell.

I am crooked in the midst of storms, but will endure with God’s help and straighten out.

Tell whatever story you like. Just tell it!


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