Fading Fast Lily Sketch

Fading Fast Lily Sketch - Watercolor & Ink

Fading Fast Lily Sketch - Watercolor & Ink

As I walked into work today, I noticed the prettiest, lonesome little lily on a small manicured bush. Many of the leaves on the bush are a yellow/brown and several withered lily corpses still cling to dead stalks. Today, I see one flower and one bud still putting on a show. I appreciate them.

As I look at the lily and know its fate, I ponder on my own. I am not immune. I can see another gray hair and maybe a longer line on my face…

But then I read this:

“For He (God) Himself has said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.'” Heb 13:5

Never as in never.

With Him, I guess I am not so worried about the process then.


4 responses to “Fading Fast Lily Sketch

  1. Wow…. I really like this sketch!!!

  2. That is a brave lilly–mine gave it up a month ago. Nice watercolor sketch and good eye.

  3. Best not to ponder, I think. Better use of time & energy to explore & enjoy. Pretty little lily. 🙂

  4. Alan: Thank you very much!

    Joan: Thanks, I agree brave little thing, saved all his energy for the end. 🙂

    Lana: Thank you, you’re right, that’s what we need to use our energy on…explore & enjoy, well put!

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