International Day of Climate Action

There is no doubt that humans have contributed to the out of control rise in carbon dioxide especially within the last 100 years, unless that is, you are a business man or politician. Scientists say right now the atmosphere contains 387 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide.  That’s too high! Glaciers are melting, sea level is rising, and the climate is beginning to become unstable. What is a safe upper limit level according to scientists is 350 ppm.

Saturday, October 24, 2009 is the international day of climate action. The purpose is to make people aware of the current carbon dioxide levels and make them aware of the safe level. It’s easier to say let’s bring the level of emissions down than to protest “Stop Global Warming!” is a sight gathering people all over the world to come together in creative ways to spread the 350 ppm safe level word around. I found several groups planning to meet in my area. Even if you can’t participate in your area, you can create artwork and upload it to their gallery. That sounds fun!


  1. You who accept and profess the religion of global warming are true faith believers yet unthinkers and followers, a common human trait. Your heart blindly believes the politicians’ sweetness without considering their unsaid motive or investigating the scientific merit. They know you have heart, desire nobleness, and they take advantage of your weakness. You only believe science is involved or danger lurks beyond the known because of the sweetness. Your blind faith is unfortunate yet perilous for you and mankind because such ill-fated conviction blindly leads among the lemmings condemned to plunge into the precipice of oblivion.

  2. DJ: I appreciate your view. What’s global warming’s hidden agenda then…new world order?…global warming tax?…communism? For now, I will believe the bleached coral reefs.

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