Lichen, Moss, and Mushroom Sketch

Just look at the beautiful specimen I found while hiking last Sunday! I always like to note what the weather conditions are because I think it is so vital to what you encounter in the woods. While I was hiking it was 41°F, raining and there was a light fog hovering above the horizon.

Here is what I found on a felled tree. Aren’t those the most beautiful puffball/earthball mushrooms you ever did see! There were hundreds growing on tree bark. My friend David Fischer of American told me that these are mature mushrooms. They stared out as a solid form before they releases their spores and became hollow. Speaking of spores, while observing these mushrooms, I took my pencil and tapped one of the shrooms… a brown cloud of spore smoke erupted from the hole. So totally cool.

Here is a close-up…

Notice the speckled skin. As an artist you must look at the little detail and include it in your sketch.

Here is my sketch. I did this real fast, maybe 20 minutes. I just wanted to include the lichen, moss, and puffball mushrooms. See, you don’t have to be a perfectionist and make everything exact, take the stress away. A quick little sketch will do and it will allow you to savor these memories for a long, long time.


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