Where Do Raccoons Sleep…Right Here

I’m not kidding, every time I go out into the woods it’s a different adventure. Something new each time catches me off guard. As I took a hike this morning, I just happened to turn my head and noticed something odd.

Do you see anything strange?

What’s that lump on the branch? To make matters worse, it was raining and I left my glasses in the car because I knew the rain would spot them, frustrating my view. All I can see is a big fuzzy lump. I take a picture but have to wait until I get home to zoom in.

Holy cow, what a huge raccoon sleeping on a branch! No doubt he had cabin fever and took the first chance he could on this mild spring-like day (45°F) in January, to take a snooze outside his hollow. This raccoon has to be a monster. He was at least 30 feet up, several yards away and he still looks huge!


5 responses to “Where Do Raccoons Sleep…Right Here

  1. I always call this “expecting the unexpected” when we go on our hikes.

    That is one really big raccoon! Thanks for sharing your hike.

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  3. Barb: Yes! I would have never guessed that I would find him. What a joy! Thanks 😀

  4. How cool! Until we installed an extra lock on our back door, “our” raccoons would just reef the door open. We couldn’t figure out who kept breaking in & taking nothing, until I saw them climbing up the back stairs one day!

  5. They empty the teacup birdfeeders every night. They also catch the junebugs on the screens. I would love to see them sleeping up in the trees!

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