First Flower of the Year Sketch

I’ve waited patiently for the first flower of 2010. It has been months since I’ve seen and touched a delicate flower in the wild. It has been a really long winter. Did I give up hope in flowers? During my dry period without, did I stop believing in them?

No, I believed and waited…waited…waited patiently.

That may sound ridiculous to you but it is a reflection of what I am going through right now with God. So many things do not make sence. I keep waiting for the moment when the fog clears and I say, “Oh! That’s why!”  Or when the lights go on and I can read the map which points me in the right direction. It has been a really dry time.

I will not let go. I will not doubt. I am not crushed. There is hope. Always.

“I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me, and heard my cry.”
Ps 40:1


  1. Wonderful sketch! Southern Indiana has been in a late deep freeze and I’m ready for global warming to kick in at anytime.

  2. Christine, I’m sorry you’re having a “winter season.” That’s hard–I know. Keep seeking Him, though. You’re right. There is a reason. And all kinds of circumstances in which it might not be helpful to you for Him to divulge it.

    We don’t have flowers yet. (whine) It’s not fair!

    Love you, Cindy

  3. I can’t even begin to think of crocuses while snow has been on the ground since early December. Nice watercolor sketch–can’t wait for the spring wildflowers. They will come and this winter will be a distant memory!

  4. Sometimes when you need guidance, you can try asking yourself to dream of the answer. Your own subconscious may surprise you. 😉 (Great little painting, btw. I haven’t seen any flowers, even YET!)

  5. Recovery Angel: Awesome name! You’re welcome, hope can never be destroyed.

    Asmalltowndad: Thanks! HA HA I laughed out loud when I read you cheering for global warming! very cute

    Cindy: Thank you! I already feel charged up! DOn’t worry, flowers are coming soon!

    Dave: Yes, maybe that’s why we endure the winter..we appreciate the spring and treasure it, like a precious gift!

    Joan: Oh how I can’t wait for all them spring wildflowers! Yes!

    Lana: Thanks! I’ll keep in mind.

  6. I really enjoy reading your posts, i just used this website, as a way of giving away my unused seeds. Anyone know what I can sell them for? I have maybe 60 chrysanthemum seeds left.

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