Gorgeous Day Sketch

The grasp of Winter’s hold had slipped as Spring crushed its dominion, breaking through and reaching out…infecting us all.

 A dramatic sentence, huh? Well dramatic best describes a day like today. Life returned.

All of the snow has melted. The temperature soared to 58°F and the sun was unstoppable! Insects awoke from a torpor state and were active seeking adventures in a new year. I welcomed them back.

During a break from work, I had to do a quick 30 minute sketch of this beautiful event. It is the first gorgeous day of 2010. How energizing it was!


3 responses to “Gorgeous Day Sketch

  1. Hoo-effin’-ray for Spring, is all I gotta say. Hoo-effin’-ray!

  2. We were away when the warm, sunny weather was last week. But, I’m looking forward to better days this weekend. I like your sketch–it expresses the feelings I have on a nice spring day.

  3. Lana: HAHAAAAA, HA! I love your hoo-effin’-ray!

    Joan: Thanks, many more warm days to come…I hope! Bummer you missed the nice weather though!

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