Red Wing Blackbird Sketch

red-wing blackbird at feeder watercolor sketch

Spring…hello…spring? Where did you go?

Yesterday was 65°F and mostly sunny, just beautiful. But when I woke up this morning, I was greeted with a snow storm!  Yes, the temperature has dropped over 30 degrees and brought with it a northern storm.

What a teaser.

Anyway, the birds are scrambling for food. Including this red-wing blackbird at my feeder. Yes, they do visit feeders. My neighbor and I both have several feeders in our yard so it is usually bird heaven. Two years ago, I noticed a male and female red-wing blackbird hanging around. Last year we had two female and two male red-wings! But wait! It gets better! This morning I counted 4 male red-wing blackbirds! I guess the word got around.

My squirrel buster feeder however, only supports one red-wing before completely closing the holes. So they must have patience and wait their turn.


  1. Hi Christine,

    My name is Paul and I am the designer of the squirrel Buster and I just wanted to let you know that you can adjust the closing weight of your squirrel buster to allow more birds at one time.

    Please call Maureen at 1-800-856-5685. She is our customer service manager and she will be happy to help you adjust your feeder.

    I love your sketch of the Squirrel Buster.

    Best regards


  2. Hi Chris,
    What I’ve noticed over the past few years is that you always see the male red wings first. Then about two weeks later the females start moving north.

  3. Paul: Awesome! I will look into adjusting the weight. BTW, I loooooove the squirrel buster! It solved my squirrel problem immediately, the squirrels don’t even try anymore. Also, I’m not going through a bag of seed every few days like I use to. Now I only fill it every other week, sit back, relax, and watch my birdies! Thank you!

    Jim: You are right, I do not see any females this year yet. Funny, I think the juncos do that too except it’s the females that arrive first, then the males. I think I like the way the red-wings do it…let the men do the work first…ha, ha, ha!

  4. Great sketch Chris! The busyness of the birds seem to go hand in hand with the beginning of the nesting season. Eating to keep up their energy, and since its cold they burn more to stay warm too. Seems the early arrivals (I call them squatters) end up getting the best of the luxury nesting locations,but pay the price of the cold. =o)

    I am anxious for those first “hummer- squaters”!

  5. Lana: Thanks, too lazy to paint it accurately, I just made outlines 😀

    Carol: Yes! Eating to stay warm…it is amazing how they can do that. Us humans are wimps. We do not compare, 10 minutes in the cold and we are toast!
    Squaters…cute nickname!

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