Something Different

Clematis - graphite wash and watercolor


Needing a change or maybe a challenge, I decided to try something different; graphite wash pencils and a little bit of watercolor. I have always wanted to try graphite pencils that are water-soluble and thought that adding color would add some interest. 

I love how singling out one individual flower can show how it is related to all the other flowers. When you look at a group or mass of them your brain sees a purple lump, but coloring only one instantly jumps out at you. 

Change your art mediums and styles once in a while, it can be a much-needed boost. Who knows, you may find something you love. 

clematis in my garden photo


  1. Beautiful painting, hon! I did something similar once with a photo of a hawk. I made the whole thing b/w except for the red on the bird’s chest. It really made it pop.

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