Grand Opening Little Red Schoolhouse Educational Center

The Little Red Schoolhouse of Willow Springs, IL, had its Educational Center grand opening today! I worked as a volunteer and was able to experience this great event up close! 

Mounted Police

Here we have one of two mounted police protecting the area. This horse had the most amazing crystal ice blue eyes…very cool! 

Native American Blessing 1

 Because this was built on tribal land, a Native American preformed a blessing with incense. 

Julie's speech

Director of the Little Red Schoolhouse speech. 

Todd Stoger speech

 Cook County President, Todd Stoger’s speech. 

Cutting Ribbon

 Here we go folks! The moment we have all been waiting for, two years actually! The ribbon is about to be cut with gigantic scissors. 

Ribbon Cut

Ribbon Cut!!! YEAY! Let’s go inside! 

Inside lower level

Here is a view inside, looking at the lower level. An indoor pond containing snapping turtles with windows to view what sits on the bottom greets you as your enter the lower level. 

Inside wildlife cages

Here we have 2 of 3 wildlife cages; screech owl and kestrel. These birds are injured and live at the center taken well care of by the staff. 

Native American Wigwam

Here is a Native American Wigwam, which is a dome shaped home. You can look inside and see how a typical wigwam was set up. 

Today was a fun and exciting day at the Little Red Schoolhouse. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend a visit to explore the new educational center, the original schoolhouse, and walk the beautiful trails. The best part…it’s FREE! FREE! FREE! Where can you go for free now a days?!?


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