Seek and You Will Find

One of my favorite past-times while hiking in the woods, is to take pictures of the inside of tree cavities.
Oh how exciting!
I want to know what is inside, but I’m way too big to get in there. Who lives in tree cavities? Many different types of wildlife, I suspect. So when I’m taking pictures and sticking my hand in the hole, I’m looking for owls, or bats, or chipmunks, but not this…


Here we have a succulent tree cavity, which I spotted 20 feet off trail. It sparked my curiosity. I couldn’t hold back. Stepping around poison ivy….it was like gravity, I was drawn. Who is in there?


At home, I can zoom in on the computer and inspect the hole. What is that reflection in center? Are those eyes?


OH WOW! Look at this monster! If I only knew when my hand was in the tree, I would not have been as brave. To tell you the truth, it was probably more scared of the monster (me) that invaded his home, than I would have been of him.

Nature might not always be pretty, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Sometimes our own fears get in the way of beautiful nature.


  1. You’re a lot braver than I am! All I can ever is imagine are spiders – big spiders with healthy boundaries!!

  2. Alanna: Oh no, if I knew what was in there, I wouldn’t have been in there! Ha HA! I do have a spider necklace though…very cute and harmless 😀

    Artswebshow: EEKS, I’m glad those relatives didn’t jump on me!

  3. I’m like you–always wondering what’s in those holes, in trees, in the ground, wherever! What I want to know is, what’s that reflected light in the lower left? What creature might THAT be?

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