Spears Woods Watercolor

Banded Together in Defence of Natural Places - watercolor

11-21-10 (Sunday)
55°F   low clouds, rain
Spears Woods

Heavy clouds are so low, I can’t tell where the distant tree tops end and where the sky begins. It is mild and raining. The rain makes a wonderful tap, tap, tap, sound on my rain coat which is amplified under my hood.

The wet earth creates an aroma pleasant to my nose. I find myself taking many deep breaths trying to capture that scent. I wouldn’t trade this day for any sunny day in all the world, as I would miss out on the blessings of precipitation.

Several blue jays shout back and forth and reminds me of the crow’s, “CAW!” They only stop when I try to record them. Figures.

I see four trees standing alone, side by side at the beginning of a field. They remind me of soldiers banded together, protecting the land. These trees have nothing to fear in the midst of a forest preserve, however others are not so lucky, they might need our help to protect them.

Spears Woods photo

The original watercolor is available for purchase:

“Banded Together in Defence of Natural Places”
free shipping and tax (US)
no frame
no mat

click here to for purchase, it will bring you to the watercolors available for sale page.


  1. Nice work on the painting. I finally got my stuff out and assembled in one place, more or less, but I have yet to painting anything. I will after our Thanksgiving Day dinner.

  2. I am always amazed at how you can take a simple scene and make a wonderful watercolor out of it. I finally got my sketchbook out the other day and did a few sketches. That’s a start.

  3. Oldmanlincoln: Way to go!!! That’s a giant step in the right direction! I hope you were able to get your painting done and if not don’t worry, there is always tomorrow! Good job, don’t stop 😀

    Linda: Thank you, it was much fun!

    Joan: I’m soooo happy for you! That’s a wonderful start to a beautiful sketchbook! You can do it!!!

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