Christmas Bird Watercolors

Christmas Blue Jay Watercolor

Lately, I’ve been trying to loosen up with my watercolors. The background of the blue jay represents what I’m talking about. I feel sometimes, as if I am too stiff while painting with watercolors. I mean, that’s their true character…loose and free, and so let them be, loose and free! I have to remind myself…stop being a control freak!

“Christmas Blue Jay”
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Male Cardinal Watercolor

I painted this on Christmas morning, after the family opened presents and there was once again a calm in the house. My scanner doesn’t do this piece justice, as it cannot pick up the most delicate pale blue colors. It is however a good example of a loose background. I wet the sky in certain spots and tilted the paper to let the pigment run. That was much fun! Run little watercolor, run!

“Male Cardinal in Winter”
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  1. I struggle with that same issue of “control freak” with watercolors! I see how you loosened up with the cardinal picture… it’s wonderful. One suggestion I was given by a “loose” (lol) watercolorist was to put away the fine line paintbrushes, and use wider, flat brushes. (He routinely used a flat brush that was 1″ wide!) It’s tricky, but does help to focus on less details and loosen up. BTW, are you using ink to outline? I want to try that, but don’t know what kind of ink works best – any suggestions? Really enjoy your updates – keep up the great work! -Ruth

  2. Ruth! What a GREAT idea! I am going to try painting with a large brush and see what happens.
    Yes, I am using a black Micron pen to outline. I have 05, 03,01 tips (the larger the number the thicker the tip). I outline after I paint when it is dry. Many people outline before they paint, however, I do not want to “follow” or stay in the lines when painting, I want it to be more loose. Both ways are ok, and you should try both to see what you are comfortable with. Good luck and always keep practicing, never stop! 😀

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