Winter Queen Anne’s Lace

Snow on Queen Anne watercolor

As a child, I grew up next to a small empty lot in the city. It was my special “field” where I spent much time exploring. I use to think it was so gigantic (it’s really not). I would walk around studying plants in my field and my all time favorite was Queen Anne’s Lace, an invasive weed. I still love it today, invasive and all.

This painting was inspired by the Queen Anne’s Lace I found while on a winter hike at Bullfrog Lake. I just love the shape of the curled weed, reminds me of a bird’s nest. I also was fascinated by the dried up leaves hanging down. What an awesome thing to paint!

detail close up

I wanted to incorporate many colors on my Queen Anne’s Lace. Even though I found it on a dreary winter day, you can still see colors if you look close.


Here is the original photo from last week. Yes, this Queen Anne’s Lace has passed its prime, but it is still important enough to study from and will forever be immortal in the form of a fine art painting.

“Snow on Queen Anne”
no frame
no mat

click here to purchase original (it will take you to the available wc page)
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Weeds are sometimes the most fascinating plants to draw or paint and can be quite a challenge. Why not try it? Let’s grow in 2011.


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