Rose Watercolor Sketch

Rose Watercolor Sketch

Under the weather and not myself, my Mom gave me the most beautiful delicate pink roses, which if I could include a scatch-n-sniff, would knock your socks off!!! They smell far better than I can paint them.

Roses are pretty difficult to paint, there is so much information going on there, but very self gratifying to accomplish…little by little and going slow helps to complete. The group of roses in the vase has a lot of negative painting around the leaves. Once you switch your brain to paint negative spaces, it’s not so difficult after all.


Here is a close up of the rose. It was challenging but fun.

I have the best Mom in the world!!!


  1. Hope you are feeling better! The roses are beautiful; thank you for sharing them. Your “Let’s Paint Nature” entries are the highlight of my day. Your work is deeply appreciated as well as your generous nature and talent.

  2. How did yu know I am painting roses. My background not dark but light like japanese prints printed your sketch will study it and loosen bloom. Doing two in this series with light and blue wash instead keeping white. Will try to photo start Yourrose help because I can blow upto study Tired now from walking from grumpies amd back. also inventoriesd pic on walls.

  3. HiSince ur a sharing person….I love painting drawing white white om black Is there am acrylic white pen? Getting those white lines om is a problem since I have shaking hands, it would work well sketching on a dark acrylic canvas with color fill. your art balances my view of my oberservations.

  4. Jane: That was so kind of you to say…thank you so much, it means a lot! I am glad you enjoy the site and I hope it helps you in your painting as well.

    Lloyd: I can’t wait to see your rose painting! Your never ending spirit of determination is awesome!!! As for the acrylic pens, I do believe there is such a thing, however I never purchased one. I would ask an employee at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and look by the technical pen and ink section. Good luck!

    Charu: Thank you!!!

  5. Very pretty! I hear you on the relative difficulty of rendering flowers in paint, which is why I tend not to do them as a main subject, preferring to just use simple dots of color in the background. 😉 I don’t have the patience you do!

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