Coyote Skull Sketch


Oh the treasures in nature!
How can I express such joy from my adventures in the woods with simple text? Not possible.

Well, let’s try…

Yesterday I decided to walk the yellow trail from Pioneer Woods. It was a cold but strong sunny day. In the late afternoon light, the bare trees took on a golden glow and at their feet cast long deep shadows.


The sun was warm on my face. I noticed the field along side of the yellow trail had recently had a prescribed burn. It was my opportunity to go off trial and explore.


This particular dead tree caught my interest. Walking closer I noticed bright white on the ground.
A skull!!!!


This coyote skull measured about 5-6 inches long. The one long sagittal crest on the top confirms that this is a coyote and not a fox. The larger the sagittal crest the stronger the bite into prey. The male’s crest is usually higher than the female’s, but without a comparison I do not know if this is from a male or female.

Large clumps of bright green moss was growing from the orbital fossa (eye sockets). In total I found this skull, one rib bone, one vertebrae, and one femur bone. All were left to continue its natural process back into the earth. Not only did this coyote no doubt nourish many other animals, but it did also for the tree as well. The Father’s plan…His work in progress.


I love the warm colors. With each passing hour, more oranges seem to emerge.


In the field I notice a bird house. Naturalists must have put this up years ago, as the paint has weathered off. There was a nest inside but no activity. Too early in the year perhaps…maybe a spring resident will clean the nest and create a new home.

I hope you enjoyed this hike on the yellow trail from Pioneer Woods. It was my pleasure bringing you along! Try to get out and hike for yourself. Bring a piece of paper and pencil with you to record what you hear, smell, and see. A camera helps too, but your words will really bring you back in memory.

If you can’t get out because of health reasons, that’s OK you can always come back to this site and take a virtual hike with me and explore in the woods. It’s soooooooo much fun!


  1. If someone had told me a month ago that there was a painter who could make even coyote skulls look attractive, I’d’ve said: “Yeah, right, sure!”

    I believe it now, tho. And your “woodsy watercolor” (second image) is likewise gorgeous. Another great hike– thanks! : )

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