Waterfall Glen Sketch


Waterfall Glen is a small gem tucked away in the DuPage County Forest Preserves. It is near a 9 mile trail (that I did not walk) which surrounds Argonne Lab.


Chicago is experiencing a very hot winter. Yes, hot. Believe it or not this week we will hit 70°F at least 4 times. Very strange. Anyway, it was gorgeous last Saturday for a long leisurely sit by the waterfall.


I love to close my eyes and listen to the thunder of the water crashing down. There is so much energy and force in that water.


I decided to take my time and bring my fold-up chair with me to hold the water well and brushes. It worked out terrific! My mom accompanied me on this nature adventure and commented how the waterfall looked as if it had silver ribbons. The way the sun light was touching the falls, it really did look like silver ribbons! I couldn’t have said it better myself!


As we walked out of the preserve, we noticed a plot of pines. Saturday was an extremely windy day and the skinny trunked pines were tossed by the wind.


I looked up at the top-heavy pines and wrote this poem:

The wind rushes with a mighty force.
A pine plot sways with much excitement, scraping a bright blue sky.
The roar of the wind sounds and the creaking pines answer.

I hope you enjoyed this quick hike at Waterfall Glen and enjoyed the poem.
Can you hear the creaking pines?


  1. Yes, I could hear the pines creaking. I make that same exact noise when I get up in the morning… : (

    You’re a poet, too?? Excellent, as were the sketches. And I see you’re featuring my all-time fave scripture passage. I have to give this post 5 outta 5 pine cones! : )

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