You Pick. Which one will be the next step by step painting?

Painting # 1  “Lakeside Pier”
Image taken at Centennial Park in Orland Park, IL. Spring 2011.
Pier and House will be shifted to the left a bit (so not to be in the center) and we’ll add leaves to the trees in front.

Painting #2  “Woodland Bridge”
Image taken at The Center in Palos Heights, IL. Spring 2012.
Trees in the background will be shifted a bit to add interest. Various colors will be added to the ground to add interest as well.

The painting will be of pastel medium on a 16×20 board. I will show each step so that you can do it yourself at home. Poll will be open for 1 week. You decide!


  1. Interesting! I was going to vote for #1, then changed my mind and voted for #2 at the last moment. I see the voting is 60-40 at present, a fairly tight race!

    Truth to tell, I’m looking forward to your lesson regardless of the outcome! : )

    1. Thanks Mark! I’m hoping to paint soon…maybe this weekend. Funny, you would think that summer time is the time to slow down and do the things you want…however I find that after all the weddings, graduation parties, and bbq’s that there is even LESS time!

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