Tree Swallow Sketch and Poem



When on my bicycle
I am the swallow.

The wheels are my wings
Propelling me faster.

Swooping, swaying, hugging curves…
The wind rushes through my hair.

Faster. Faster.

O  tree swallow  who needs no heap of metal…VICTORY!

You, the acrobat in the sky
While grounded still am I.

Just a quick poem about how I feel on my beloved bicycle. There is a certain freedom that I could only express through poetry. Usually that’s how it works, when I am so happy and emotional (in a good way) about something, it calls for a poem.


  1. What?? You’re a poet, too??? Too much talent, you’re clearly over the line, Christine… : )

    Are you really a cyclist? I get out and pedal fairly regularly. Yes, it’s great to feel like a swallow! Of course running off into the ditch always spoils it… : (

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