Sketch Class Results Lake Katherine


Saturday morning was a bit brisk, but that didn’t stop this nature loving crowd (Alanna, Katie, Tommy),  from hiking on this frosty autumn morning at Lake Katherine! I’m so glad I started this group, it will help bring me back to sketching on a regular base, while gathering with friends.


We took a hike around the lake and visited the waterfall. This particular spot caught our eye. I love the bright white structure against the seasonal colors. We couldn’t pass this up and knew this was our spot.


Not only was this a good spot, but look how convenient a bench to work on!


Here are our sketches, for the members who could stay. Some had to leave and only wanted to stay for the hike…that’s OK whatever works for everyone.


Chris and Alanna pose with our sketches by the lake.


Here is my close up. My goal is to take out the complicated-ness (is that a word?) and make a light, simple watercolor sketch. I would love to show you how on our next meet-up. You don’t have to work with watercolors, I will also be working with graphite pencils. The next meet-up is at Spears Woods on Saturday, October 20th at 10AM.

Chicagoland Sketchbook Hikers

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  1. These are lovely sketches. So many pretty colors and such a beautiful place. Glad you were all bundled up in preparation for the temps. 🙂

  2. Chris — I love your sketch painting! It’s so loose, colorful and inviting. With the colder (not just cooler) weather approaching, I’m going to start working with watercolor pencils and Tombow pens if it’s too cold to use my watercolors (the paper takes forever to dry in the cold). I would also like to know when to outline with micron without going overboard. You are a great teacher and these outdoor paint sketching workshops have helped me a great deal get out there by myself and paint sketch.
    When is your next “How To” video? What happened to the painting we had to vote on a few months ago? I’m always available as your camera person.

    1. Thanks Alanna! Pencils are a good idea and less stuff to carry too, we must explore that idea.
      I do need to get back to doing the how to videos and uploading to youtube. I don’t want to do it on a sketch class day, so we will have to plan a sat morning soon.
      Thanks for the support always 😉

  3. Lovely spot, beautiful morning, congenial sketchers– can’t ask for much better than that!

    Love your sketch, Christine. You have that marvelous talent for distilling a scene into its best and most essential elements.

    Sketch on, hope all’s well with you! : )

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