Spooky Halloween Sketch


This watercolor sketch (Payne’s gray only and black Micron pen), was done with the new MeetUp sketch class last Saturday at Resurrection Cemetery. We met at the main entrance and drove to the old section with beautiful stones and statues. It was really nice to divert from landscapes only and try structures….a nice change of pace.


Here is our group of brave artists. It was very windy and very cold…biting cold…but we kept focus and made wonderful artwork!


Here is the group’s work. Lovely job everyone did! There is something wonderful about everyone’s perspective and personality on paper. And the great part is…you get to bring it home too!


I just love all of the statues at Resurrection Cemetery. They have such character! Someday this too will be a watercolor.

The next MeetUp class is coming soon! This Saturday we will be at Centennial Park in Orland Park, IL. Check it out here…all are welcome…no experience necessary!


  1. What a wonderful idea for a Halloween sketch class outing! Talk about atmospheric… : )

    I always enjoy the photo of the participants, and I love seeing everyone’s take on the subject– good reminder that every artist’s interpretation is different, and has its own special insight to offer.

    Hope you had a pleasantly ghoulish Halloween, with plenty of leftover candy! : )

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