Vermillion River Watercolor Sketch


The air hung heavy with the threat of rain as we (Alanna and I), finally made it to the edge of the river. I had one eye on the sky trying to predict what it was going to do. The trail to the river wasn’t too clear, overgrown with lush foliage and even a healthy giant patch of ferns, but we did manage.

Upon reaching the bank, getting down to the business of sketching has to wait. I have to stand and be still. Quiet. I have to watch and listen. I have to close my eyes and give my other senses a running start to translate this incredible view and inscribe it into memory. I want to live it so I can keep it.

Just before the river bends it passes over many large rocks, which made a very loud rushing sound. Above the turbulent water swallows dart back and forth. Darting for insects? Darting for stray water droplets? I do not know. They don’t consult me and I am glad being just an admirer.


After a few minutes my sponge soaked brain was satisfied and sketching could begin. Finding a comfortable spot on a bolder, I laid out my supplies and began to paint. It could have been the babbling of the river, or the bird serenade, or the  hypnotic aroma of earth, but I lost track of time…while laying down stroke after colored stoke of paint. Ah….lost in flow.


But the sky didn’t hold back and one heavy fat drop of rain turned into 2, then 10, and therefore it was time to close my very water soluble sketch and finish later. No matter, just hiking will do because rain can’t stop a good hike!

So on we went, walking far much further than we remembered to begin with….oh yes, we’re lost! LOL.


A beautiful place to be lost.

I could have stayed here forever. The fast flowing water descending over stepping stones made an echo like sound in between the walls of earth on either side. But time was passing and we were no closer to being found than an hour before, so we scurried along. And after someone (not me), was quick to send a little prayer, a nice couple found us and walked us to the right trail and to our parking area…then disappeared. Hiking angels? They hike??  😉

Rain and being lost just was no match for a determined pair of hiking artists on a mission to enjoy nature!


  1. Getting lost with you was the highlight of my vacation! If a person is going to get lost, it should definitely be with an artist!

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