Oak Collection Watercolor



From the parking lot I take the black trail. I increase the pace of my steps to a quick speed, anxious to place a pillow over the noise from the highway and suffocate it.

Even the quiet doesn’t greet me with open arms however, as my mind is still wrestling with struggles and concerns.

But I will not let them win. It’s a choice and I choose to fight.

I arm myself with a spot off trail, lay my jacket down, and sit amongst the weeds and dried goldenrods. I emptied my problems on the main trail. They’re not allowed here. It’s only God and myself.


I sit in the sun on the ground and close my eyes.
Everything comes to life….

The scraping of dried leaves, the screeching of distant blue jays, the tossing of my hair by the wind, and the sun – so bright – penetrating my eye lids.
No room for darkness.
No room for darkness.

And there I have it, my answer.

Stay in His light and there will be no room for darkness.

I laugh out loud.


So now that I have received a plan of attack, will I execute? It’s so easy to say the words, but will I do it?
Yes. I must.
It is a choice.

Be well friends. Enjoy Autumn while it’s still here.


  1. Thank you for the watercolor and the thoughts you shared. I pray you will execute your plan of attack! Danine

  2. Don’t know what’s happening but there seemed to be more paintings and posts on LPN in the past. Hope you don’t forget how much these postings mean to so many people who rely on some spiritual food from you.

  3. What wonderful lines you’ve penned here, Christine. I loved:

    “I emptied my problems on the main trail. They’re not allowed here. It’s only God and myself.”


    “… my answer: Stay in His light and there will be no room for darkness.”

    Beautiful. Such illumination seems so clear some days– then, alas, we forget, and lose faith, and have to battle back. Good to cut ourselves some slack for human feeling sometimes. We know God does– that’s why He sent His Son into the world.

    Your work is beautiful, as always. Stay the course!! (and I’m sorry to be so late getting to this post)

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