Go Honey Bee GO! sketch


Do you remember when you were a kid and played outside how many bees there were? I was constantly chased by them it seemed. Most of the time I outran them, with Wonder Woman speeds and fear mixed in. But 3 decades later….where are they?

You may have heard about colony collapse. In my opinion, I believe genetically modified crops (GMO)… where the DNA is manipulated… and pesticides (even store bought ones, not just commercial use ones) have done much damage.

Bees are our pollinators. They’re the best army to pollinate our FOOD, because even if we tried to hand pollinate we never would be able to keep up. If our food isn’t pollinated that will translate into famine down the road.

So now I celebrate the sighting of a honey bee and I no longer run away like a baby. I cheer them on like their own personal cheerleader. Go honey bee, GO!


Here he is on some autumn aster at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Willow Springs, IL. BTW, they are having their annual arts & crafts show this Sunday, Oct 5th. The Little Red Schoolhouse has bee boxes on the property and they sell the honey made from this location. Guess what??? Bees that feed on autumn flowers produce a darker, more rich honey. You can buy this honey at the craft fair! Light or dark honey. Well, that was the case when I bought it years ago…. I hope it is still available.


This is the END of the post. Get it….end!?! Ha ha ha… A friendly bee butt to send you on your way!


  1. I want to let you know how much I like and appreciate your emails and sketches..and of course the uplifting messages. I’m retired and do art for fun. Without sites like yours, I would be tracing coloring books. I never knew art could be learned. Thank you, and I’m sure there are many others who just haven’t written. You are loved….Marcia in Modesto,ca.

  2. I remember how many honey bees were sitting on clover–that I stepped on with bare feet. Ouch! Then I’d hear the same message from Mom, you should quit running barefoot through the yard! Lovely art.

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