Snowy Winter Tree


Snow covers and mutes evening.
Hush at dusk.
Just when colors awake.

Have you ever noticed that colors in the landscape come alive just before dark? Or how quiet it gets right after it snows? Oh the JOYS of winter! I never outgrew the magic of winter as a kid and I never want to either.

Last night I was delighted with all of the colors I could see in this winter tree, just outside my window. Popping out were vivid greens, warm reds, and touches of royal purple. Meditating on this gave me peace and filled me up. I had to preserve this moment forever with watercolors…and of course hot tea on the side.

If you would like an archival print or just a greeting card of this painting, you can click here:
Art Prints

I hope you can enjoy winter in your part of the world.


  1. Vancouver, Britsh Columbia, Canada. We really haven’t had any snow this year. We had several weeks of frost but now we are almost full blown into spring! Dafodils, grape hyacinth magnolia trees, ornamental cherries, all blooming! My sister in law (from Quebec) is coming next week March 6th and right now they are getting pretty much the same as you maybe getting -30 C …..I’m not sure of the conversion to Farenheit if 32F is freezing and that is 0 in Celsius….darn cold! On the other hand, I need to mow my lawn badly , seriously!

    I am trying to get to a life drawing class once a week but I need to get out more….I have access to an Urban sketches group but I continually feel like I have to stay home. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! It’s like writers block….would a therapist help? In every other way I am well and happy…..just need a kick in the pants, figuratively, ha ha. Like I mentioned before I come on to read your emails to get me in a better frame of mind to draw, paint, create, keep up the good work!

    Thanks again, Jean

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    1. Jean, you mentioned that you want to get out, but have this feeling like you have to stay home….I had this experience when I was going through difficult personal situations not related to art. I would want to go out to hike and sketch, plan on going out, but just before I headed out the door, I would stop. I couldn’t go out and I didn’t know why. Almost like a hidden anxiety I didn’t know was there. Prayer helped. I will pray for you too my artist friend. 🙂

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