American White Pelican Watercolor

Was I seeing correctly? Was that a pelican on the water? A few days ago, on a spur, I drove out to Rock Run Rookery by myself. I've been there once before with ornithologists on a bird outing. It's fun to listen to bird enthusiasts, especially knowledgeable ones who can identify birds by their call … Continue reading American White Pelican Watercolor


East Branch DuPage River Watercolor Sketch

East Branch DuPage River Churchill Woods 40°F  Calm A mild temperature cultivates an ideal setting for wildlife. There seems to be no end this day, as I notice abundant wildlife everywhere. Sitting next to the quiet river, a gaggle of geese tranquilly bobs up and down. Suddenly, half of them take flight for reasons unknown. … Continue reading East Branch DuPage River Watercolor Sketch

Tiny Tree Frog Watercolor

A hard rain unleashed in a matter of seconds. Suddenly the ground was moving with what I thought were crickets. I bent my giant monster frame down to the ground and behold, my eyes widened like saucers when I recognized tiny tree frogs. Whooooooooooh. I'm always searching for frogs. I used to monitor them at … Continue reading Tiny Tree Frog Watercolor

Creeping Snail Watercolor

s l o w l y He carries mud on his shell. The cracks in the mud repeat on his skin. I watch in envy of his leisurely demeanor. Multitasking is overrated. s l o w The way to go. I like this little guy I found crossing the paved trail in the forest preserves. … Continue reading Creeping Snail Watercolor

Smallest American Falcon Sketch plus Sound

Sound: European Kestrel call (similar to American but lower pitch) by Dobroide from Free Sound Project. Leaving work early one day last week, I stepped outside and something flew over my head at high speed shouting, "yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip". What the heck? I ran to my car which just happened to have binoculars in it … Continue reading Smallest American Falcon Sketch plus Sound

What Am I?

UPDATE: Based on some unscientific web-surfing research, I'm pretty sure this is a Hummingbird Clearwing Moth! Here is some info and a few pictures. Whatever this thing is, it's huge! Maybe the size of a small hummingbird or large butterfly. It's huge, scary, but fascinating! I'm guessing it's some kind of moth. It has the … Continue reading What Am I?