Deep Forest Waterfall Watercolor


The chilled air is moist in the deep dark forest. The trail is lengthy and all you see are trees, but then you start to hear a sound…. You stop walking to hear it louder. Is that a trickle? You start walking again except your steps are quicker, happier. Then you discover it! A forest gem, a waterfall deep in the dark woods.


Shhhhhh…sorry! I’m shouting! Be quiet because there’s a chorus of birdsong which echos on the cavern walls. Oh the beautiful sounds of bird chorus and a waterfall melody!!

This was the scene a few months ago at Matthiessen State Park. It took me this long to paint from my picture. It has been a busy summer.

I hope you find a gem on your hike as well!
Happy Hiking and Sketching!!!

prints can be purchased here:
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18 Comments on “Deep Forest Waterfall Watercolor

  1. I love this painting!! Looks so peaceful!! Have you ever gone to Rockford to Anderson Japanese Gardens? I visited there last month and took a million pictures!! You would love all the painting opportunities there. It is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with us!

    • Rita, thank you! I would love to visit Anderson Japanese Gardens. I’ve never heard of that place but will have to schedule a visit. Thank you sooooo much for the suggestion!!

  2. Delightful!
    Would you ever consider giving a step by step instruction post[s], on how you choose your colours/ mixes would be lovely for us to follow your instructions and see how we get on.

  3. Oh, I’ve just read your Menu and found the “Learn How” posts!
    Thank you so much for this…. xxx

  4. this is so lovely and beautiful. Your description tells it perfectly but the painting says it all. Love that white water with the bright light behind the dark. Very nice

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