Deep Forest Waterfall Watercolor


The chilled air is moist in the deep dark forest. The trail is lengthy and all you see are trees, but then you start to hear a sound…. You stop walking to hear it louder. Is that a trickle? You start walking again except your steps are quicker, happier. Then you discover it! A forest gem, a waterfall deep in the dark woods.


Shhhhhh…sorry! I’m shouting! Be quiet because there’s a chorus of birdsong which echos on the cavern walls. Oh the beautiful sounds of bird chorus and a waterfall melody!!

This was the scene a few months ago at Matthiessen State Park. It took me this long to paint from my picture. It has been a busy summer.

I hope you find a gem on your hike as well!
Happy Hiking and Sketching!!!

prints can be purchased here:
Photography Prints


  1. I love this painting!! Looks so peaceful!! Have you ever gone to Rockford to Anderson Japanese Gardens? I visited there last month and took a million pictures!! You would love all the painting opportunities there. It is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with us!

    1. Rita, thank you! I would love to visit Anderson Japanese Gardens. I’ve never heard of that place but will have to schedule a visit. Thank you sooooo much for the suggestion!!

  2. Delightful!
    Would you ever consider giving a step by step instruction post[s], on how you choose your colours/ mixes would be lovely for us to follow your instructions and see how we get on.

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