Nature at Fabyan Windmill – Watercolor


I sit underneath an oak tree whose arms sprawl against an intense blue sky this cool brilliant morning. The arms of the oak becomes a playground to the chickadees that delight here. Puffy clouds move southwest rather rapidly. The air is sweet, but I don’t know why…. Rains from last night?

I am not alone. I count at least 65 geese that are within a few feet. Some preen. Some stand on one leg. Some lay on the grass and some eat, but all have one eye assigned to me.
I mean no harm.

This is Fabyan Windmill in Geneva, IL. The mill was not moving this morning, but it is still in operation. You can even tour inside on certain days. It sits next to the Fox River and you will find picnic tables for convenient use. The parking lot is adjacent so people who cannot walk much would find this place ideal. It is a wonderful afternoon trip for anyone in the Chicago area.


  1. Your picture is holding its breath … waiting to breathe … wanting to dance. There is heartbeat of fear along the edges of your windmill; it is afraid to dance – there is beauty in that. And beauty will lead us to that first tentative step … as the dance begins. Love it –

  2. Your painting of this windmill makes me feel happy – and your description of this place is so inviting. Looking at the windmill, inspires me to want to sketch more. I want to do more “prayer painting” – that’s what it looks like you did here. Thank you for presenting it.

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