December Tree Overlooks Snow Crested Bank Watercolor

Watercolor. December Tree Overlooks Snow Crested Bank. Churchill Woods.

Let’s go hiking and painting at Churchill Woods. Come on… I’ll bring Oscar Mayer the dog and you bring yourself! It will be fun.


When Oscar Mayer stops to do his business, I stop to notice nature up close.

Hiking and sketching at Churchill Woods

Here we have lichen growing among moss on tree bark. Very delicate and very beautiful. Delicate? How delicate are you to survive in the cold and snow, then remain pristine after rapid temperature fluctuations? I only wish to be so hearty.

Hiking and sketching at Churchill Woods

Oscar Mayer had a very difficult time sharing the forest preserves with hundreds of geese, but he relented by my firm grasp on his collar and decided to share. Wildlife at peace.

Hiking and sketching at Churchill Woods

Here is the reference photo of the December tree overlooking the snow crested bank. There is an impressive stately peace about this tree, on the edge of a mirror river. I guess that’s what attracted me to it so much. Very placid.

Hiking and sketching at Churchill Woods

Oscar Mayer thinks so too.

May you have wild nature adventures. And may you realize what attracts you to them.



  1. Your tree painting is lively with color, even though it’s wintery. Your description of the place and your use of scripture reminds me of the line in the hymn that goes something like “There’s a sweet, sweet spirit in this place.”

  2. Lovely watercolor rendition of this scene. Enjoyed the walk through the woods with you and Oscar Mayer. I thought all the geese were in Virginia this week! There must be plenty to go around.

    1. Ha ha! Tons of geese everywhere! I love hearing and watching them fly. Because they’re protected, some people think they’re a nuisance and overpopulated, turning all open lands into a poop land mind. But I don’t mind, they’re great. Thanks Patti 😊

      1. We had a problem at a local park, people feeding them. That caused overpopulation and messed up the water in the lake. They rounded them up and moved them away from the area.

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