Autumn Storm Approaching – Nature Journal Club

You can hear the wheels of photosynthesis grinding slower. With every breeze carries with it a handful of leaves. They swirl past my ears.

Mr. Bee, would you like to visit the goldenrod resting peacefully on the edge of a quiet pond? Or in the middle of a blowing prairie? Your options are many.

A scold of blue jays call in the deep oak forest, while the rain escorted me through. Did I mind the rain? Oh no! On the contrary, I quite like the unexpected rain in the woods.

Come on a hike with me and see the sketch in process in my nature journal:

I would like to start a nature journal club but I do not know what that will look like yet. It doesn’t have to be paintings, It can be just text. Or text and a pencil sketch. Well, for now, I’m throwing it out there. Let’s see what materializes.


    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ Would you like me to link to your blog? If so, let me know what state/area you are from. In the future I can add it to a nature journal post.

    1. Thank you! Can I submit a link to your blog in a nature journal post sometime in the future? Beautiful work. If so, let me know what state or area you paint from.

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