Windy at the Lake Watercolor and Nature Journal Club

watercolor of the lake on a windy summer day

Hearty winds whip across the lake,
Kayaker struggles.

Seagulls hover in the air,
Clouds race above.

Reflections can’t form in this wind,
Dragonfly skips on waves.

I messed my ankle up last Monday, so I’ve been off my feet for almost a whole week. I’m starting to go stir crazy. Yesterday was the first beautiful day we’ve had in a long time….cool…breezy…just perfect, so I had to get out at least in the car to paint some nature. I decided to go to a near by lake which had the perfect spot to paint.

Before I paint, I like to sit still and listen. I empty my brain of any preconceived ideas about what I should experience and I soak in the surroundings, slowly. Then I make notes… I feel you, strong wind. I see you red-winged blackbird. I hear you American goldfinch, but I don’t see you yet. Etc.

The notes are just as important as the watercolor sketch, even more so I think.

So, what have you experienced in nature lately?

Remember a few months ago I was wanting to somehow start a nature journal club? Well, I think I’ve figured out an effortless way we can all participate! If you upload a picture of your nature journal page on your Instagram and use the tag: #letspaintnature, we can do a search for that tag (or follow) and see all of the artwork together. When I upload an image, instead of using a location, for privacy purposes I only type in the state I live in: Illinois. If you do the same, we can tell what part of the world your nature sketch is from.

Let’s form a nature journal club by using #letspaintnature!!!



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