That Pine Smell Though – watercolor

Scrub Pine watercolor sketch

The air was so.
Soaked with a thick and glorious pine aroma.
I swam in it.

Soft was the carpet of pine needles.
I settled on it.

Serene was the light filtering through…
Shadows dancing.
I was swooned by it.

Scrub pine.

Potable Painter watercolor field kit fits on leg

I was very excited to try my new toy, the Portable Painter (this is not sponsored, btw). It’s a compact mini watercolor field kit that fits on your leg. It has two water containers that slide on the sides of the kit. The water containers fit perfectly on your thigh. This is great because one of the challenges when painting in the field is trying to hold everything in one hand while painting with the other hand. I was laying on the ground with it on my leg, but you can also sit on a camping chair with it. Convenient!

The kit does not come with watercolors, so you’ll need to fill the pans from your own watercolor tube paints and allow them to harden for 24 hours at least.

Portable Painter stands on its own

It also stands on its own quite well.

Scrub Pine photo

This scub pine (Pinus virginiana), is amongst many other pine species, which contributed to that wonderful prominent pine scent.

Pine cone ink close up

I found one of its cones still attached to a branch and decided to make an ink detail. I like its spiky tips. I’m spiky, but only in the morning.

Get outside my friends, and explore nature. The time is perfect.


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