September Spiders watercolor

september spiders watercolor sketch

Again, sorry to those who hate spiders! But… look how beautiful they are!

September has ended and so has the field trip I helped run, teaching children about the prairie ecosystem. In that short month, I walked with 500+ students armed with butterfly nets. They found a wide variety of treasures: many spiders, 2 praying mantis, beetles, butterflies, moths, damselflies, 1 snake, and even some deer bones. I couldn’t tell whether they had more fun finding things or running through grasses taller than themselves, while waving their nets high in the air!

I had a blast too!


    1. Thank you and Yes! Make a page…it’s so much fun. Yay! You like spiders too! I used to be afraid of them until I worked around them. They’re harmless.

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