Wrinkled Water – Watercolor

Orland Grasslands at sunset

Icy winds put the prairie to sleep, but not in a gentle way. It breaks reeds with its violent gale and twists water into hard, geometric shapes. The act of freezing.

As I stand at the base of the pond, the tallest being in the field, the glacial gust goes through me too. I stare at the golden horizon for warmth. It’s fleeting though, succumbing to the palette of dusk.

wrinkled waters

Can you see the wrinkles on the top layer of the pond? It was very difficult refraining my foot from stepping on that thin layer of ice…my inner child was screaming to do so. But I didn’t want to taint a beautiful thing. And who was I to ruin that masterpiece by God?

cold sunset

Although serene, winter sunsets are harsh. Especially from that unobstructed prairie wind.

Stay warm friends, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying nature in winter.

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