Parking Lot Winter Tree

winter tree drawing

Sometimes you just don’t want to get out of the car. Maybe it’s cold, rainy, or maybe you just feel tired and the thought of hiking with art supplies doesn’t seem appealing. It’s okay to sketch from the car.

traveling art supplies

That’s what I did the other day. Originally, I was just going to make a nice drawing and leave it at that, but at the last minute pulled out the watercolor field kit. These supplies I keep in the glove compartment in my car so that I have them where ever I go.

to color? or not to color?

After I painted the tree with watercolors, I doubted my decision to do so…should I have left it alone? With or without color, it was a great exercise. And it quelled my desire for creative time.

view from the car

Here was my reference from the car window. Sketching does not have to be an epic undertaking. It can be as easy as sitting in the driver’s seat and scribbling something down.

Happy sketching,


  1. ni’ve been ensorcelled by trees before – when i stood dumbly and felt the spirits moved me; it ws difficult. then, NOT to draw … when a lone branch held my attention for ever … demanding that i color them … i understand how it felt

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