Lovely Fritillary

With his caramel and chocolate markings, this male Great Spangled Fritillary unknowingly blessed my hiking adventure by posing for me as he sampled a bit of sweet pollen. My Butterflies of North America book, refers to his under marking as “silver spots”, but I like to refer to them as white chocolate droplets, in keeping with my sweet theme.

I tried to catch him spreading his wings, but met with great difficulty. The fritillary seems to like resting in a closed position and this human does not compare to his speed.

and those eyes….almost hypnotizing, put me right in my place!

The book also mentions that the males come out before the females do. They love to visit meadows, where you can find bunches of them foraging. That was sure the case, when I spotted several skipping from flower to flower, all males.

I am never settled but always amazed, when I consider how in one breath God can create such powerful winds of a hurricane and in the next breath, create such a delicate creature as a feather with wings.


  1. can’t say as i’ve seen this kind before, but it sure is good looking… thx christine 🙂 😀

  2. Drowsey: Thanks! Yes, I didn’t notice his eyes until I got home and looked on the computer. When they’re in the field they’re too fast to study!

    Laughingwolf: Thank you! It’s fun to take pictures and then go home to look them up in field guides!

    Shelley: Yes he his! Thanks!

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