Suburban Visitor

Check out this photo that my daughter…who hates nature because I like it…took the other day! This is one gigantic hawk that landed on my neighbor’s roof. It’s HUGE! I’m guessing it’s a red-tail but not positive.

That’s my girl, I know the love for nature is in there somewhere!


  1. Awesome! I think you’re right–it’s a red-tailed. We’ve had a hawk around here recently, too. I saw it chasing a dove across our yard the other day, but I was so transfixed I didn’t think to take a picture (with the freaking digicam that was hanging limp at my side!) The little birds see our backyard as their restaurant. The hawks see the little birds as their 3 course meals. Circle of life & all that, I guess…I love it all, regardless.

  2. Good for your daughter! Great looking hawk!
    Lots of wonderful nature posts, Chris. Started with the green mucky frog, then on to the delightful waterlily painting and beautiful Fritillary (super photos)!

  3. Shelly: lol at not to fight it! I told her that and she laughed too.

    Drowsey: Yes! It’s soooo true! She’s a stinker.

    Laughingwolf: Thanks! I think it’s a red tail too. 🙂

    Dave: That could not have been you!!! No way! Well, I guess there’s hope after all! Thanks Dave!

    Lana: lol at the camera by your side! I’ve done that too! I always feel a little bad for the birdies.

    April: Thanks April! There’s hope for my daughter after all! and thank you for your kind comments 🙂

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