Goose Lake Prairie

I’m sorry I haven’t been very bloggie lately, but I ‘m having some transportation issues that are weighing me down. Nevertheless, I was able to take a wonderful trip with my mom to Goose Lake Prairie, which is about 1 hour southwest of Chicago.

I love prairies. You may have noticed that I like to paint prairies. You can see a few on the landscape page and one that I recently won a ribbon for on the schedule page titled, Indian Summer. What’s so great about a vast plot of not a whole lot? HA, HA, HA that rhymes! Well, I always fall in love with the different colors throughout a prairie that are not green. For example, on the day I walked through Goose Lake Prairie, there were yellow black eyed susans, yellow sunflowers, purple wild bergamot, and purple prairie blazing star. A prairie may look boring and green but if you look very carefully, you’ll be pleasently surprised with hidden color.

Here we found a marsh along the trail. Do you see those white specs in the background? Those are 4 white herons! What you can’t see are the killdeer that walked along the shore and the swallows that skimmed the surface of the water at very high speeds to take a drink. How much fun!

Here this barn swallow kindly posed for a picture. He was very close, but didn’t move…very brave. They’re so quick, I was surprised this one stayed put.

More pictures to come of Goose Lake Prairie.


  1. Sorry about the transportation issues! *sympie hug*
    I LOVE the little barn swallow! That’s a great shot!
    I agree w/your comment about prairies & I would extend that to say that anyone simply examining their own yards/neighborhoods would probably be surprised at the variety & beauty that they’d find!

  2. This is gorgeous, Chris. Marshes are so interesting. Great photo of the Barn Swallow – the light is perfect, and I like the grasses in the background. I have been to the Prairies, too, (Saskatchewan) where you can see as far as the horizon.

  3. Lana: Thanks! Yes you’re right, when in you’re own yard if you’re patient and quiet you can hear and see so much more!

    Shelley: Thank you 🙂 Prairies are peaceful to me!

    Nina: Yes I agree! Thanks!

    April: WOW! That sounds wonderful, I would love to be there. I think I like the grasses so much because of it’s movement and the cute little birdies!

    Drowsey: Isn’t he the best!!! We love him! 🙂 Thanks.

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