Summer Harvest

This picture is from my garden right at the height of summer flower harvest. The purple flower is salvia and the yellow is carpet flower. Two contrasting colors sitting right next to each other! It seems that after this point, the flowers in my garden start to dry out and loose intensity under the scorching sun.

I think in the next few days I will attempt to paint this picture. A lot of things are going on in this picture, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be that way in a painting. Remember to always whip out that artistic license and add or subtract anything you wish! My focus will be on just a few flowers and not the whole group. Hopefully by the weekend it will be finished. It is very important, especially if you work full time, to set aside time for your art. If you don’t, there will always be a reason why you shouldn’t start…got to go to the store, got to do laundry, got to, got to. Setting aside time will insure that your art will grow and develop!


  1. I love the yellow & purple & have noticed that quite often those two colors seem to bloom around the same time (where wildflowers are concerned, anyway.)
    Good advice on making time to paint. I WAS doing quite well a while back, when I “made” myself paint–at least a little–every day. Sometimes it almost seems like there’s too MUCH painting to be done! *LOL*
    Painting this would be quite a challenge, but I’m SURE you’re up to the task. 🙂

  2. Shelley: Thanks! I haven’t had a chance to paint this yet…but I can’t wait to try it. No doubt those colors go so well together, they are opposite of each other on the color wheel which makes them complementary colors!

    Lana: You’re right, I never thought of it….yellow and purples do bloom at the same time of the year…how neat! I would love to try and paint something everyday….I’m not that diligent!

    Laughingwolf: Sometimes the best paintings are simplistic. Less is more….great concept. 🙂

    Joan: Yes they do! So well! Thanks, I got lucky, these plants take care of themselves…not much maintenance is what I like.

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