How Birds Cope

After three straight days of non-stop rain, we received almost 7 inches in my area and twice+ that amount further north. The streets were beginning to flood and so was my neighbor’s yard.

My neighbor has two pole mounted feeders that he religiously fills everyday at 5am. I am grateful. I don’t wake up at 5am and I’m not that obediently self disciplined. I do however benefit from is labor! The feeders are about 20 feet from my window, so I enjoy watching the birds even when I’m too lazy to fill my own.

The birds were completely matted down with wet feathers. Poor things. They were soaked! I wondered how the birds find relief. How can they cope with three straight days of rain? Do they get sick? I’m not sure. It was interesting to watch, as they were feeding from the ground they tried real hard to avoid the puddle…walking left, then walking right, walking around the rim, picking seeds. Many were shaking their feathers like a dog shakes it’s body when completely wet, too bad it didn’t really help.

This is the last of the rainy day sketches. Today and the rest of the week we are guaranteed sun and warmth. Good news for the flooding and for the wet birdies too!


  1. I often commiserate with the poor birds, myself. After Hurricane Gustav our usual numbers were WAY down. I’m starting to see them going back up, but they’re nowhere near what they were a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen mama raccoon, either. I wonder about our poor critters…what’s happened…where are they…are they alright?

  2. Lana: I hope your bird numbers get back up there! I sure so hope your critters are ok too. I bet they traveled some and will return soon. Keep us updated!

    Drowsey: Thanks, I do appreciate my neighbors work! I’m not as dedicated 😦

    JJ: I have two empty housed in the backyard too! That’s a good question…why do birds only use those houses for raising young and not weather protection?!?

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