Autumn Sunset

Yesterday I spent a brief chilly evening at Centennial Park in Orland Park, IL. What a beautiful sight.

How amazing. Isn’t our Creator a Master Craftsman (he, he, he)? Who can reproduce this moment? Who can turn the shades of the sky from yellow to salmon, rose to periwinkle, and violet to indigo, in a quick few minutes? An explosion? HA! Ooopps…I’m gunna get some people mad!

Anyway, what a beautiful sight it was! Can you see the silhouette of some fishing people on the pier? It was FREEZING! They’re brave. My hoodie wasn’t doing a very good job in the brisk wind on a 54°F evening, so I didn’t stay long.

Here is another view:

This will definitely be a painting one day! Look at all of those delicious colors! So peaceful, I hope I can translate that into my painting.

My mom found another brave soul out on this nippy night:

Why it’s a woolly bear caterpillar!!! She named him, “Orland”, because of our location…very fitting and cute. This little guy will survive our killer winter because he produces a cryoprotectant in his tissue, sort of like anti-freeze. Amazing again! Once an adult, this little guy or girl will turn into a Isabella Tiger Moth.


9 responses to “Autumn Sunset

  1. Thank you, oh thank you for answering the decades-old mystery I’ve pondered for most of my life; what the HECK those caterpillars turn into! I SO owe you a margarita!
    Love the photos. I always loved the effects of light on water, myself. So intriguing.

  2. Stunning photos. Can’t wait to see the painted version!

  3. I loved how the sun looked in that first picture – all great!

  4. Hi Chris,
    These are great photos of a beautiful sunset! It looks very calm out on the lake.
    I had one of those woolly bear caterpillars in my garden recently, but I didn’t know what to call it, except caterpillar.

  5. Such beautiful, beautiful shots! The sunset photos are inspiring and peaceful.

  6. What awesome silhouette sunset photos!!! The Master does know how to make Creation glorious. 😀

    Was your caterpiller extra fuzzy? I can tell what a hard winter we’ll have by the thickness of the fuzz. 😀

    Hugs, JJ

  7. Beautiful displays. Got to be a creator – this did not happen by accident!

    Love the caterpillar.

  8. Lana: Yummy! I like my margaritas: strawberry, crushed ice and salt on the rim! HA HA!! You’re so funny! Glad I can help. Thanks 😀

    Drowsey: Thanks! Maybe this weekend I’ll paint it? I better not say that…every time I say I’m going to do something I run out of time! Thank you!

    Shelley: The sun was so amazing. How fast it set, you can actually see it move! Thanks!

    April: To be honest I didn’t know what he was until I got home and did some research! He is sooooo cute though. 🙂 Thank you!

    Ilona: Hi! Thanks! I happened to be in the right place at just the right time! My little camera is still doing a good job 🙂

    JJ: He was a little guy not too fuzzy…does that mean we might have a mild winter? I hope! I like snow but no deep freeze!Thanks!

    Crazycath: Very True! I believe you are on the other side of the pond from me but we are on the same page! 🙂 Creation rocks!

  9. Hello Naturelady; naturegirl here! You just may inspire me to pick up a paintbrush as well my camera! I like the way you caught the reflection in the water!

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