On Lake Whalon Watercolor

My kayak glides on the water, like a feather does carried by the wind. I drift along the shore of a tiny green island. A killdeer stares me down not moving an inch. I tempt my fate and move in closer. We are just 4 feet apart. Still in a staring contest, I study his … Continue reading On Lake Whalon Watercolor


Hidden Lake and a Strange Tree Sketch

12-14-14 48°F cloud and mist When cloud and mist subtract vivid color, and strips loudness from the landscape, A submissive hush befalls. Nature takes notice. Dried goldenrod, past its prime, quakes tenderly in the silence. A strange tree stands alone. His poetry comes to life. As daylight slips away from my grasp, I bargain, but … Continue reading Hidden Lake and a Strange Tree Sketch

Let’s Paint Pines by a Lake!

The November landscape has inspired me to create a soft pastel painting. Do you want to paint one with me? OK! Here we go! First, here is the scene that inspired me (minus the rocks)... Now, before we begin, here is a sneak peak of all the steps in a time lapse... http://youtu.be/eShc-hoh-Oc?list=UURgqU7HKzSYjMssGtwkz82A Like it? … Continue reading Let’s Paint Pines by a Lake!

Sketch Class Results Blackwell Forest Preserves

This is Silver Lake at the beautiful Blackwell Forest Preserves in Warrenville, IL. To celebrate nature and soak in all the serene sensations it provides, a few of us met here to create. Just mere pigment, paper, and water, but oh so much more to the artist who connects with nature! And connect we did. … Continue reading Sketch Class Results Blackwell Forest Preserves

Sunset to Live For

When I saw this scene I had to say..."Whoa!" And take a picture of course! This picture was taken at Centennial Park in Orland Park, IL. The lake at centennial acts like a mirror reflecting a powerful setting sun on a minimal windy day. How awesome is our planet and temporary home. This will most definitely be … Continue reading Sunset to Live For

Autumn Sunset

Yesterday I spent a brief chilly evening at Centennial Park in Orland Park, IL. What a beautiful sight. How amazing. Isn't our Creator a Master Craftsman (he, he, he)? Who can reproduce this moment? Who can turn the shades of the sky from yellow to salmon, rose to periwinkle, and violet to indigo, in a … Continue reading Autumn Sunset