I See the Moon

Oh how I love to see the moon in the daylit sky! You don’t even have to wait until dark to appreciate such a sight.

Here you can see the moon in between some beautiful autumn trees. Look close, can you spot it?
This must be the next subject for my next painting… the moon and the season!

Here is a close up view:

I love these contrast colors playing next to each other, blue and orange.

This is one of my most favorite pictures of the night. It is such a simple but peaceful picture. I was looking east as the sun was setting behind me in the west. I don’t know why but it gives me peace. It allows me to quiet down, take a breath and relax. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the objects in the picture?

Last night I awoke at 3am with the moon brightly shining though my bedroom window. For a second I was startled thinking, “Who’s light is in my window!” I was amazed when I realized…”silly, that’s only the moon.”
It truly lit up my whole room up as if a lamp was left on. With so much attention always on the sun, do give enough attention to the moon?

2 Comments on “I See the Moon

  1. Shelley: Thanks! Every time I spot the moon in the daytime, I feel surprised, like I just found something spectacular, pretty goofy maybe but it makes me happy 🙂

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